• Hi! I'm Brendan

    I love computers, business, hiking, travel, and telling people about Wawa.

    Please check out some of my work here. Then, shoot me an email!

    Well, first a picture of my dog 🐶

    Because computers are cool, business is important, but dogs are the best!

  • Capital One

    I'm a Data Analyst Intern

    helping the business respond to debit card fraud even quicker


    I was proud to be a member of Cigna's TECDP internship program


    where I wrote software to help developers and data scientists do their job better and quicker!

  • Kiva CrowdVet

    Implemented a Udemy-style training course to help non-profit Kiva.org onboard community volunteers to moderate the content of its site

    Course Page

    I worked on page scaffolding

    • I created a generic set of React.js UI elements (like the buttons, tab bar, and collapsible elements above) that were used throughout the program.
    • Although I did not make this specific page, I designed the generic Page class that it inherited from, avoiding repetition of code for the header, footer, and CSS.

    Results Page

    I worked on database querying and drawing complex UI elements

    • Compared trainee ratings of loan applications against the "correct" rating given by Kiva. (Required querying against MongoDB database)
    • Implemented the graphs seen above (histograms with bubbles for the user's response) in Javascript Canvas
  • Eagle Eye

    Making professional campaign analytics available to candidates and advocacy groups of any size.


    Helped my ward commissioner "get across the finish line" win his close election by 2%


    Find key voters like...

    • Inactive voters
    • Diehard partisans
    • Recent party switchers
    Target using...
    • Home addresses
    • Phone number (where applicable)
    See group breakdown...
    • Gender
    • Party
    • Age
    • Date of Last Vote
  • Sketchadelphia

    Rating the safety of GPS directions in Philadelphia


    After taking a rather "sketchy" drive through North Philadelphia, I realized GPS apps do not tell users how safe their drive will be. Sketchadelphia allows drivers to gauge the safety of their drive ahead of time, creating much needed peace of mind.



    You may read the technical documentation on the GitHub repo.



    Go to sketchadelphia.com 

    (Now shut down because I ran out of free Digital Ocean credits)


    Unlocks doors automatically in the event of a fire.


    Door Opener: Operation Rescue Assistence

    Built by a team of Bishop Shanahan students, DOORA uses technology to save lives in an innovative way.


    Save lives, Save money

    Firefighters spend 2+ minutes knocking down residential doors. These two minutes could be the difference between life and death for trapped residents. In less extreme cases, this forced entry adds additional financial burden to families who have just experience a home fire.


    All the deets.

    Arduino based sensors are placed throughout the home. Upon detection of a fire (abnormally high temperature) a message is sent wirelessly to the custom built DOORA lock. The door remains closed but unlocked. Fire companies already train their officers to "try before you pry."

    Community Engagement

    Professional contacts

    1. Case Test Design Incorporated Machining labs, 3D Printing, Mentoring
    2. Goshen Fire Company Background research
    3. Chester County Detectives Security considerations


    Pennsylvania: 4th

    Chester County: 1st

    This project was designed for the Pennsylvania Governor's STEM Competition where it performed exceptionally well.

    Media Coverage

    DOORA in the news

  • College Bound Vocab

    Developed a custom SAT study app for a local tutoring company


    Over 250 students on board!

  • Moments that mattered to me

    Thanks to all the groups that helped make this worthwhile experiences possible

    Temple Honors Appalachia

    Paintsville, KY

    Thanks to the amazing people in Paintsville, KY for allowing us to spend a week in their community. You taught me more about the world than any classroom ever could.

    Service Immersion Program

    El Paso, TX

    Met some amazing people at Iglesia del Cristo Rey (Church of Christ the King) while seeing firsthand the city at the heart of today's border crisis.

    Model UN Speaker Engagement

    Philadelphia, PA

    After years participating and leading student Model UN events, I was honored to give the opening address at a Junior Model UN Conference, hosted at Temple University

    President Vicente Fox of Mexico

    Villanova, PA

    Had the pleasure of hearing former Mexican President Vicente Fox reflect on his cooperation with Pres. George W. Bush and his hopes for Mexico today. I was even able to ask a question at the end of the keynote!!